Intentional Tuesday



Intentional Tuesday is here again – - – where does time?
Recently,  Poppa and I were privileged to attend graduation at the prison for our dear friend Meg as she was graduating valedictorian of the 2013 GED class.  She gave a speech to the graduates and for the family members and dignitaries present.  I was so proud of her.  I was saddened by the number of graduates who had not even one family member present for this celebration.  I watched as a dear Christian lady sang a song for the graduates – - to the graduates.  Pointing to them.  Looking deep into their eyes and smiling at them.  Encouraging them to grow, set goals, and move forward.  And I watched as tears streamed down the faces of grown women – 20, 30, even 50 years old. IMG_9984 Graduating.  Crying at a prison graduation ceremony! Convicted felons, criminals, tough girls!  I couldn’t help but wonder if any one, just one someone had ever told them they were proud of them?  Would their life be different if some one had believed in them?  Encouraged them to better themselves?
One of my fondest memories of this day happened before we ever cleared the “check in” process as we waited with other families who were attending the graduation ceremonies.  We were seated in a small waiting area, letting J-man crawl around and try to hold off his nap time until the actual  ceremonies.  Crying babies have little opportunity to escape when you are locked IN a prison graduation. (more…)